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Oct 2010 Velocity Trade to widen execution capabilities, see original article here . Velocity Trade is leveraging eSubnet’s knowledge and experience to take the VT network Global. ESubnet will provide network expertise to enable Velocity Trade to provide follow the sun trading for their clients.

Sept 2010 PacketFence 1.9.1 released. This minor release brings new features, new hardware support, and performance enhancements.
    Noteworthy changes:
  • Extreme XOS Port Security (MAC address lockdown) and Voice over IP support (feature sponsored by Extreme Networks)
  • Nortel ERS 2500 Series Port security and Voice over IP support
  • Basic Access Control in the Web Administration interface (#965, Thanks to eSubnet Enterprises for their initial contribution)
  • New parameters in switches.conf to manage Web Services enabled switches

June 2010 Northern Lights Canada (NLC) has four divisions of service; Employment Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Employer Services and Corporate Training. NLC is looking to enhance their offerings with a new integrated data & voice Network. NLC has engaged eSubnet design the Wide Area Network and to bring the Local Area Network at each of the 17 remote locations up to spec to handle both the data and the voice IP traffic.
More information about Northern Lights Canada is available at

May 2010 The eSubnet team ready to deploy the Network State Server (NSS). NSS is a low cost - open source based customizable appliance which provides perception into your network. We have created email based reports providing you with the information you need to stay on top of your network’s health and performance.
More information about Network State Server is available on Our Application Services page.

Apr 2010 PacketFence is a fully supported, trusted, Free and Open Source network access control (NAC) system. The staff of eSubnet recently deployed PacketFence for a client. The client required that PF admin rights be restricted by user. This is not part of the standard PF installation and so eSubnet provided a customized solution which was shared with the open source development community of PacketFence who were eager to receive this as they had many requests for this functionality.
More information about PacketFence is available at their web site .

Apr 2010 eSubnet is pleased to announce the completion of the on-line technology transfer for the Editors Association of Canada. The staff at eSubnet played a critical role in bringing together all of the on-line services used by the EAC members. The migration took 3 weeks of planning and 72 hours of execution. The EAC is now spending less then half per month on delivering email services, mailing list services and the on-line forum for the membership.
More information about EAC is available at their web site .

Mar 2010 While troubleshooting a client’s DNS issue eSubnet uncovered a problem at Working with eSubnet, effected repairs to SOA delegation. See the announcement HERE .

Jan 2010 eSubnet enables work from home for Tunstall. VOIP/VPN tunnels bring office phone extensions in to staff homes. Tunstall supplies personal emergency response systems (PERS) and Telecare in North America through its subsidiary Tunstall Canada Inc. Management was pleased with eSubnet who resolved this long outstanding connectivity problem in just days.

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