Sep 2012 George Brown College in Toronto utilizes eSubnet experience and knowledge to enhance network management. With 15,000 students across all campuses the students, faculty and staff.

Jul 2012 Deadmau5, Canadian progressive electronic DJ and producer required a never fail storage solution. Deploying an HP StorageWorks server eSubnet provided a fully RAID enhanced solution focusing on data integrity.

Jun 2012 Trader Link Networks uses eSubnet for enhanced security solution. Trader links Networks is a telecommunications service provider for the Canadian Financial Markets. Due to the nature of the traffic a client required an enhanced security solution. Trader Links President Kieth Bruce knew he could trust eSubnet to deliver.

May 2012 Founded in May of 2003. Since the launch eSubnet continues to provide strategic network and security solutions to an ever increasingly impressive list of clients

Jan 2012 The Canadian Internet Registry Authority, CIRA, has moved on to the second round of comments for the introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) to the Canadian Domain Name System. IDNs are domains that allow for letters found outside of the standard English alphabet.

A number of concerns were raised regarding possible new domain names. Such as what about domains which incorporated accented letters which could be used for fishing scams and would organizations needing to buy up every possible combination of domain name using letters which have accents.

The CIRA solution is to bundle domain names which can deploy accents to those which do not. This means for example that only the holder of would have the option to register pré, prèsïdë.ca, prësîdê.ca, etc.

ESubnet supports the CIRA solution of bundling with regards to accented letters. See the policy changes HERE

Sep 2013 Brown Hill Communications sends eSubnet president to Newfoundland for a network installation. Mr. Danielli was sent to ST. Johns to install network devices thus extending BHC’s reach to Canada’s east coast.

Nov 2014 Goodlaw Services INC upgrades their secure access model with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) by integrating technologies from Citrix NetScaler and Duel Shield all with the assistance of eSubnet.

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