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Goodmans LLP is recognized internationally as Canada's premier transaction law firm. Goodmans’ lawyers work diligently to ensure ever-higher levels of service and business success for their clients, in business law and litigation, in both public and private sectors, for both traditional and innovative companies. The firm goes beyond legal services to provide strategic business advice.

In 2008, Goodmans outgrew their head office at 250 Yonge Street, and began planning the move to the new Bay Adelaide Centre in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. To ensure a smooth transition to the new location, Goodmans' IT department engaged eSubnet continuing over 5 years of partnership to assist in testing the IT plan. eSubnet staff supplied a temporary solution mimicking connectivity to build a test environment between the two locations and ensure their users would be able to work during the office move transition period and after.

The project had four goals: to imitate the connectivity for the move, to measure the usage on the link, to be non-intrusive during business, and to quickly recover to normal operations if needed. Based on our extensive experience in network design, eSubnet redesigned the network, mimicking the placement of servers and Cisco gear at the new office, and recorded traffic data for analysis and reporting.

The test was a success. Using the data gathered, we provided a highly accurate view of the network bandwidth usage, and Goodmans knew how to plan their move. A side-effect of our method was that the test results provided Goodmans IT staff with real time network usage statistics which turned out to be far below expected levels. The team learned they can provide the current level of service with far less bandwidth then originally assumed, in turn leading to a significant cost savings.

Following this project eSubnet was named the network lead for the firms up and coming move.

During the project, eSubnet provided the following services

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